Hello and welcome I am Zachery Brown and this is my portfolio website. Here you can view some of my illistrations, 3D Models, 3D animations, and graphic design work. I have an interest in creating all forms of multimedia entertainment so you will find a wide variety of projects. Game design is my main focus though, along with some freelance projects I'm currently working on an indie game of my own creation and assets for future projects. When it comes to game design I mainly work with character/sprite/asset modeling, texturing, rigging & animation, while dabbling in concept art, lighting, scene creation, bullet mechanics, and some Python script. If I am hired onto a project I take it as a point of pride to ensure the work looks good and everyone involved is happy. I work well alone or with others, if you require my services check below for my contact information. Enjoy your stay and feel free to email me your comments.