Welcome to Drakeling Designs a start up of one currently showcasing the games and designs of Zachery Brown. Here you can view some of my game designs, 3D Models,and 3D animations. I have a strong desire to create assets, creatures, levels, animations, and concepts for the games of tomorrow. Game design has become my main focus about two years into my studies, starting my studies in the graphic arts 7 years ago working fulltime and studying in my freetime. Along with some freelance I'm currently working on an indie game of my own creation and assets for future projects. When it comes to game design my expertise is with concept creation & 3d modeling followed by intermediate or above ability texturing and animating. My knowledge and practice in the field extends farther though including concept art, lighting, environment or level creation, bullet mechanics, and some Python scripting. If I am hired onto a project I put all my effort in to ensure the work looks good and everyone involved is happy. I work well with others or solo on projects, if you require my services or want to get a hold of me check below for my contact information. Enjoy your visit!